Allerton Bed and Breakfast

Inn of the Six Toed Cat prides itself of on being the most reputable and hospitable bed and breakfast in Iowa. Our guests are treated to a delectable breakfast cuisine, elegant décor, and a comfortable mattress in an authentic turn of the century Inn. We have common rooms set up for guests who want a place to relax, read, or watch TV or a movie. As an ideal Midwest inn, our staff is always readily available to assist guests and make their stay as pleasant as possible.

Our Southern Iowa bed and breakfast is the perfect getaway for couples and families, as they are removed from the inherent stress that comes from living a busy life. There is much to do in our charming small town and surrounding area, whether it’s enjoying the Allerton World Fair in September or simply relaxing on the patio. There are lots of good bird watching areas within 20 miles of us, as well as trophy deer and turkey hunting opportunities. Come visit the Round Barn site and highly acclaimed Prairie Trails Museum in Cordyon. Take a day trip and follow the Mormon trail through Amish Country where you can visit various stores and make a stop at the historic Tharp Cemetery.

We are also the hunting inn of choice for outdoorsmen needing a place to unwind after a long and fruitful day spent in the woods. If you are looking for a first-rate place to stay then keep the cozy confines of the Six Toed Cat in mind. Allerton, Iowa lodging has never been better!