About us

Kay Boam

Kay Boam has been 1/2 owner of the inn since her and her sister and brother-in-law, Linda and Larry Murphy, bought the inn in 2010. She is the one that for the most part makes the breakfasts for our guests in the mornings. About a year or so after taking over the inn, Kay opened up Cat's Cafe Thursday - Saturday in the mornings to the public for breakfast. It is a great place where you will find locals coming in to share the news and eat the best breakfast in town. Kay is a retired teacher and substitutes at the school in Semour.

Celeste Bivin is Kay's niece and is now the other half of the inn. Since she now lives in the inn, it is a true bed and breakfast. She loves to bake and usually does the desserts when they have dinners. Since moving to Iowa, she has been working on the different packages that we now offer. Celeste does all the graphics for the inn, as she was the head of publications and editor for Gold Prospectors Association of America. 

It is our joy to be the care takers of this unique inn. All of our rooms are themed as they were many years ago though some of the names have changed. Mr. Finley (who restored the inn) created the perfect name for it and I believe it has been a home for cats ever since. Though now, the cat's live outside the inn. We have 3 that are very friendly (Ghost, Garfield and Noisy) and the others are in different states of feral. As a group they are called the Mouse Patrol. We do have a six-toed cat that lives with Kay's sister, Linda Murphy, and if you ask she is more than happy to bring her by.

Celeste Bivin

Celeste Bivin

We feel that our beautiful turn-of-the-century inn is the best bed and breakfast in Iowa. It is certainly one of the most unique. We want all our guests to feel like our inn is their home away from home. 

The Inn of the Six-Toed Cat is more than just a place to stay. Our inn hosts and caters dinners and special events like: bridal receptions, reunions, crafting events etc. The Six-Toed Cat is filled with antique furnishings, paintings and little nick-nacks. Kay and I would love you to come have a look at our little inn – we welcome visitors. We know that you will fall in love with the Inn of the Six-Toed Cat just like we have, and we hope to see you soon!