Candles and Soap and Kittens...oh, my!

Hello Kittens and Tom Cats! New and exciting news here at the Inn. Now, instead of just cups and our book, we have candles and soaps for guests to purchase as mementos of their stay. Each candle and soap has a little cat charm, after all we are the Inn of the Six-Toed Cat. We have postcards in the works as well, and hopefully they will be available soon. 

We like to reuse things here at the inn, so that very little goes to waste. In that spirit, all of the soap and candles come from recycled materials and old dishes. Celeste is a bit of a Tinker Bell in that she likes to make things out of "lost things." We hope that our guests will like having a bit more of a variety of souvenirs to choose from. I believe the goal is to have an Etsy account for the products. I will of course keep you updated on that. 

May your catnaps be long and fanciful & your catnip strong!