Queer Things the Cat Sees and Hears

Let me introduce myself, I am Thomas Beckett "THE ghost cat" of the Inn of the Six-Toed Cat. And, yes, I am that six-toed cat that the inn is named for. I have been haunting this bed & breakfast ever since the last of my nine lives was surrendered.

Being a ghost cat, I see many strange things while on the prowl looking after the inn. My inn has been here in Allerton, IA since 1909, so naturally there are some interesting happenings to tell.

The first tale is the mysterious disappearance of the dish soap from its regular place in a virtually empty sink. Both Kay and Celeste (my people) looked for it thoroughly, only to have it reappear about seven minutes later in its right spot. All Celeste said was, "That's really weird!"

Sometimes I can't help but play little tricks on them, like a few weeks ago when Celeste was up late baking. I jumped up and rang the bell on the front door. Don't they know things like that are cat toys? My fun, however, was cut short by that pest of a dog of hers, Missy Mouse. She saw me and started her usual barking. This in turn ended up making Celeste quite on edge as she checked the main level and didn't see anyone. I tried to let her know it was just me, but she can't see me and I ended up having to go outside just so that stupid little mutt would be quite.

Another time she heard one of our past guests walking around up stairs late at night. I do my part to keep things lively by knocking things off counters, but it is all in good fun.

If you have some great tales about our inn please feel free to email us. I know my people would just love to here them, and i will share them in a forthcoming Cat's Comments....Oh drat! Here comes that dumb dog! I'm out of here!

To be continued.......

May your catnaps be long and fanciful & your catnip strong!