Another Great Southern Iowa Day

It is another cat-tacular day at the Inn of the Six-toed Cat and your on-the-prowl, friendly, ghost cat is sunning himself in the grass.

The countryside here in southern Iowa is absolutely picturesque this time of year. Lush and brilliant green, it is the perfect blend of artifice and nature that you could hope to see, with peaceful little farms and lazy historic towns dotting the Iowa landscape. It all calls for a day on the lake at Bob White Park and a chocolate malt at the Olde Time Soda Fountain on the main street here in Allerton. 

But thanks to one of my people, my idyllic day and catnap has been disturbed. Checking to see what all the commotion is about, I find Celeste arm deep in mortar making, to my mind, a complete mess. Apparently, a leak in the shower of the Settler's bathroom means a complete redesign of the bathroom is in order.

I like the new look. Celeste calls it modern country or cowboy chic, but I think she is just being a bit on the pretentious  side. Of course, I had to mark the new room as mine. It's what we cats do by rubbing ourselves along an object. This is a little difficult for a ghost cat as I tend to go right through the walls.

Before I get back to my catnap I want to invite you to visit me here at the inn. Our No Worries get-a-way package (click here to see package details) is perfect for these lazy days of summer. Book It Now and tell Kay and Celeste I sent you. Don't forget to put the name of the package in the subject line.

May Your catnaps be long and fanciful & your catnip strong!