Big Bikes on the Square

Your friendly ghost cat on the prowl here. The other day I was roaming around some of the local towns here in southern Iowa. There was quite the activity on the square in Centerville. Lot's of noisy bikes, music and food. I was able to find some good scraps....sigh....sometimes, I forget I can't eat.

From May through August the last Friday of each month Centerville hosts Friday Night Thunder Bike Nights. All are welcome and like I said there is live music, food and fun things for adults and kids alike. You don't have to own a motorcycle to come out and there is no charge for the event. 

The Inn of the Six-Toed Cat in Allerton, IA, is only about 30 minutes away from the square in Centerville. Bring your bike or just yourself, come stay with me for the weekend and enjoy Bike Night on the square.

Sorry, but I have to get back to sunning myself.

Until my next comments,

May your catnaps be long and fanciful & your catnip strong!