Queer Things the Cat Sees and Hears Continued....

As I stated in the Cat's Comments from May 27th, queer things can happen here at the Inn of the Six-Toed Cat...hold on, I need a good stretch before I get started....Ahhhhh. Now, where was I, yes, queer things....

During this past hunting season, the head guide, Perry, was talking on the phone and looking out the window onto Central Ave. when I playfully grabbed the blind and pulled it down. You should have seen his eyes bug out. You would have thought he saw a ghost! I had been doing this for two weeks, but he was the first to see me at it. I have been on my best behavior since. But really, I am a cat, I can't resist objects that dangle.

The other day I heard a very interesting tale told to Celeste by a guest who literally grew up at the inn. During ole Finley's time (It was Mr. Finley who restored the inn), her mom worked as the cook. Upstairs, at the end of the hall, was a rocking chair by what is now the Rosalie room. One evening she heard the a creaking, like someone rocking, coming from upstairs. She started up the stairs, and just as she could see all the way down the hall she stopped. There, rocking gently in the chair was a woman aglow in a blue dress. Naturally, she did not go any further and came right back downstairs.

I almost forgot. One of our most recent guests was up very late in her room, her husband sleeping soundly next to her. All-of-a-sudden she heard "hey." "Just like someone was greeting you," The guest said. "So, I said 'hey' back."

Do you have a story of my Inn that you would like to tell? Just email my people and I will add it on an upcoming Cat's Comments under the title of Queer Things The Cat (me) Sees and Hears.

In the meantime come pay us a visit here in Allerton. We have wonderful packages for people who just want to get away.

Until my next comments,

May your catnaps be long and fanciful & your catnip strong!