A New Terrifi-Cat Year!

Wow, can't say I am sorry to see the end of 2016! Talk about a year that went to the dogs! On to bigger and better things this year at the Inn of the Six-Toed Cat. This kitty can't wait to see what's in store. 

Now, I am not one to spread any rumors (especially after hitting the cat-nog at Christmas...and New Year, but I heard from a very reliable source that there are some special package offers for the end of January and Valentine's. Right now Celeste is just offering them to past guests before she goes public with it. You can be sure your ghost cat on-the-prowl will fill you in just as soon as that happens.

A couple updates on the Cat front. One of our Pounce has been adopted! Yea!!! Garfield has a new home with one of our wonderful hunters, Jeff Pyle. We thought Jeff might be living with us after the wife found out one of the things he was bringing home didn't have antlers. Nope, we are happy to say Jeff and Garfield still have a home. We couldn't be more pleased! The second isn't quite as joyful. Spotty went to that big catnip field in the sky just before Christmas. I expect to see him on the porch in ghost form anytime now. 

So if you feel something rub up against your leg at the Inn, don't be afraid, it's just me, Thomas Beckett and Spotty. If we get pictures of Garfield and Jeff we post them.

Until next year, may your catnaps be long and fanciful & your catnip strong!