2016 Small Business of the Year Award!

Well, hello Kittens and Tomcats! Thomas Becket, your ghost cat on-the-prowl here. It has been a while, I know, but trying to get a photo of the ladies for this blog is impossible! I have some very good news to share though. The yearly Chamber of Commerce dinner held quite the surprise for the girls. Kay wasn't feeling well, so her and Celeste came home right after the food but before the speaker and awards started. 

Celeste and I were in the kitchen making some eggs and she was getting into full relaxation mode. You know, shoes off, wig off, etc., when first a bellow came from Kay's direction quickly followed by screaming for Celeste to "get in here quick!" As soon as Celeste asked her what in the heck she was screaming for, Kay told her she had to get back over to the Chamber dinner ASAP. Well, both her and I figured this could only mean we won an award. The person presenting the award had kindly texted Kay to find out where she was.

Celeste's ASAP was to put her wig and shoes back on...Kay's ASAP was for her to forgo that and fly down the street. The hair was put back on, naturally, and then the peddle was put to the medal...or is that the other way around? I can never remember.

Kay, Celeste and I would like to thank every one in the chamber for this award. We were very happily surprised. Celeste and I really consider this Kay's accomplishment since she has only been here a year and I of course am a ghost.

May your catnaps be long and fanciful & your catnip strong!