Murder Madness

Hello All! Your on-the-prowl ghost cat, Thomas Becket reporting on the Murder Mystery dinner here at the Inn of the Six-Toed cat. We had 4 guests that stayed the weekend with us enjoying our country goodies welcome platter, breakfast and the murder mystery dinner. Next year we hope that we will have a full house. Those that didn't take advantage of the weekend package really missed out. Everyone had such a good time.  

We had a total of 12 people for dinner, which made it cozy and fun! I spent most of my time in the kitchen with Celeste so we only got to hear the laughing, gun shots, screaming of the dying victim and the conversations at the table as the guests played out their parts. A couple people even dressed for the event having been sent their parts early.

The food was wonderful as usual. Me, the Pounce and the Glare (words for a groups of cats) in the back got left overs...Yummmmmmmy! There was Reuben Cups, bangers in a blanket with a Guinness dipping sauce, corn beef and cabbage, chicken skewers, apple cake with custard sauce and a chocolate Guinness cake. 

I am thinking next year should be a civil war murder mystery. What do you think?
May your catnaps be long and fanciful & your catnip strong!